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Aromatic Cedar Properties

Aromatic Cedar

Somerset kiln-dried aromatic cedar is available in 4/4

Somerset's Appalachian Advantage:

Some of the finest lumber in the world comes from the Appalachian Mountain region of the U.S., where Somerset is strategically located. The lumber is considered superior because of the benefits inherent in the location and the land. The climate is a main factor in producing the naturally superior quality. The slower growth of trees results in high growth rings, consistent grains, and strong fibers that lead to strength, durability, and beauty.

Common Uses:

Cedar is often used for furniture, blanket chests and boxes, pencils, closet liners, shingles, boat building, fence posts, archery bows, and more.

Visual Properties:

Cedar's distinctive appearance is red in color with streaks of creamy white sapwood. The grain is very fine and even, with contrasting knots.

Working Properties:

Cedar can be easily cut, shaped, planed, glued, and fastened. It can be sanded, stained and polished to an excellent smooth finish. It has low bendability characteristics.

Physical Properties:

Aromatic cedar has a Janka Hardness Rating of 900 (compared to red oak at 1290). It is categorized as a North American softwood. It is considered to have medium. Naturally occurring oils in cedar make it resistant to moisture, insects, and decay, and also give it its strong, pleasant, fragrant scent.